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Any Man Who Has A Daughter And Still Cheats On His Wife Is Still A “Boy” – Mr. Logic Asserts



Ghanaian talent manager and entertainment pundit, Mr Logic has decided to take on men who are fond of womanizing.

The famous entertainment pundit who has always spoken against cheating on several occasions, says he doesn’t understand why men cheat especially men who have daughters.

In a recent Facebook post shared by the entertainment pundit, he said any man with daughters who cheats on his partner or womanizes isn’t fit to be called a man rather he should be regarded as a ‘boy’.

According to Mr Logic, karma will befall all men who cheat on their partners yet have daughters.

In a way, this disclosure made by the entertainment pundit sounds like he is wishing daughters of these men to also end up with womanizers in future based on the actions of their fathers.

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