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Communication Is Key In Every Marriage – Ghanaian Relationship  Expert Manuel Owusu-Kumi



A Ghanaian marriage counselor identified as Reverend Manuel Owusu-Kumi has advised married couples to be thoughtful of their choice of words when communicating with each other.
That, he said, was very important be­cause those words have the power to either make the marriage work or destroy it.
Speaking in an exclusive inter­view with The Spectator on Monday about some ‘dos and don’ts’ for a successful marriage, Rev Owusu-Kumi ob­served that marriages have two committed people determined to make the union work at all cost.
However, he said if communication becomes a challenge, it could jeopardize whatever has been achieved.
He said the use of negative sentiments could hurt a party badly and make them withdraw either temporarily or perma­nently in some situations, in the process affecting trust built among the couple and even intimacy.
“Sometimes, after an apology and forgiveness, the offended person is not able to forget about what was said,” Reverend Owusu-Kumi noted.
He went further to state that good communi­cation should be the priority of anyone who wishes to have a long-lasting relationship devoid of conflicts with his or her partner.
According to the marriage counsellor and relationship therapist, it was advisable for per­sons who were already married or have plans of getting married but have challenges pertaining to communication to seek professional aid to deal with it immediately.
Healthy marriages, he noted instills peace of mind for couples to be more productive at work, be less anxious and prevent diseases.
He reiterated that seeking for assistance was not a sign of weakness as people tend to believe but rather a sign of maturity.
Rev Owusu-Kumi further stated that, there were spouses that refuse to talk at home because of fear of being misunderstood but that would eventually affect the progress of the relationship.
He further cautioned the public against the use of derogatory comments like ‘you are not smart,’ ‘can’t you do this simple thing,’ ‘you are useless’ or attempt to make a comparison with another person.
“In place of such expressions, couples should sound very positive, optimistic about each other and find ways of addressing their challenges together,” the counselor advised.
The Ghanaian relationship expert advised couples to be calm and even excuse themselves even in the face of extreme provocation.
“This allows for reasoning, risk as­sessment, logic among other positive things which overtime had helped to save many marriages and even pre­vented physical and verbal attacks” he added.
He advised singles planning to get married to always seek counselling from pro­fessional and certified counsellors to be advised properly.
Rev Owusu-Kumi also advised the youth to equally consider characteristics such as a per­son’s vision, purpose, and determina­tion for work in making their choices.

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