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US Lady Calls Ghanaian Men The Stingiest Guys She Has Ever Met, Sparks Wild Reactions



An unnamed US woman in a viral video was asked to share her view on her encounters with people from different ethnic groups, in regards to spending.

Her response to this question, pointing out Ghanaian men as being stingy and less inclined to shower gifts and money on women, has stirred a variety of reactions across the internet.
The video clip has since gone viral, with many viewers engaging in heated discussions in the comment section.
The woman’s assertion that Ghanaian men are not benevolent with their financial wealth has sparked a wide range of opinions.
A large number of Ghanaian women have voiced their agreement with the US woman’s assertion. They argued that Ghanaian men tend to be more protective when it comes to spending money on ladies and are extremely selective in their generosity.
In line with this recent disclosure made by the US-based woman, some women shared personal experiences to back their claim.
As expected, Ghanaian men have in turn, pushed back against the stereotype, highlighting that they spend on women they cherish and truly care about.
Those on the masculine side argued that the issue wasn’t necessarily about stinginess but rather about responsible spending and not indulging in irrelevant extravagance.
Below are some reactions from social media users.
“Proud to be a stingy Ghanaian man” Ernest wrote.
“When they can’t manipulate you to get what they want from you they’ll be like he’s stingy” Kayslime commented.
“its sad when people say you’re stingy, with your own hard earned money oo…smh” bennettaduboffourantwi added.

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