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I Sometimes Walk N@k€d At Home – Stephanie Benson On Why She Normally Shares ‘Racy’ Posts On Social Media



Famous Ghanaian female singer, Stephanie Benson, known for her sensual music and social media posts, shared her view on the numerous backlashes she has faced over her antics in an exclusive interview on MX24TV on October 14.
In the recent interview, Stephanie clarified that her family is fully aware of her actions and remains unperturbed by her online persona. She further stated that her offline and online personalities are at par, adding that she even walks around the house naked.
“They know what I do. And they trust what I do. A lot of people don’t understand that. When I’m doing what I do on social media, my kids understand it because there’s nothing I do on social media that I am not at home, okay? I walk around the house naked,” she revealed.
Furthermore, she described her nonchalant approach to creating content on social media, with indications she doesn’t make any effort to dress up for her posts. Instead, she just shares moments from her daily life, much like she would at home.
“It’s only when I wake up in the morning and then I’m about to do a post, I don’t strategically put on panties and a top and say, ‘I’m going to do a post.’ So the kids, because they know that about me, they see I’m not wearing pants, and they laugh and say, ‘Mommy, did you forget to put on a jacket?’ And we laugh about it, and they don’t even say anything anymore,” she added.

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