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Most Ghanaians Have Short Memory Span, They Easily Forget Songs After Jamming To Them For A While – Sefa Claims



With respect to the way music is paid attention to by Ghanaian music lovers, S3fa believes Ghanaians have a short memory span.

In a recent interview on TV3’s ‘Ladies Circle’, Sefa explained that she takes her time to release new music so her fans can take time to consume her previous releases to their utmost satisfaction.

However, she feels it is difficult to satisfy Ghanaian music enthusiasts to the max because they easily forget songs and are always quick to pressure their favourite musicians to release new songs.

“In as much as this is my profession now, I want people to listen to the songs and be like ‘okay she has put out a song so let me consume’, she said.

According to her, as a Ghanaian musician, if you release a song today, they can forget it in barely a month and afterwards, they will start pressuring you for a new release.

“If you follow them, you will release like thousand songs and they will not know one”, the “Echoke” hitmaker indicated.

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